A Macon woman is credited for keeping a woman accused of driving drunk off the road.

Danielle Etheridge says she was traveling on North Avenue Thursday night, just moments away from getting on the interstate when she witnessed a pick-up truck hitting two cars head on. Etheridge says she pulled over into the Krispy Kreme parking lot to check on the drivers and that's when a woman swung the door open of the truck and tried to run from the scene. Ethridge says she jumped into action and tackled the woman until police arrived.

She says as she was restraining the woman later identified as Katherine Redman, the woman urinated on her.

Etheridge says her adrenaline is the only reason she was able to keep the woman restrained during the rather strange ordeal.

"I really wasn't thinking anything," says Etheridge. "I was feeling it... I was feeling my heartbeat. I was feeling the adrenaline running. I didn't think for a split second."

According to a police report, Redman was arrested at the scene and charged with Driving Under The Influence.

At the scene a deputy tested Redman's breath for alcohol with a breathing sample and her blood alcohol level was positive for .328. In the police report, the arresting deputy says a large opened bottle of Southern Comfort was found on the floor board of the vehicle.

Redman was taken to the Bibb Law Enforcement Center where her blood alcohol was tested again. She was charged with DUI .315 and issued citations for DUI and open container.