Thursday afternoon, Mayor Robert Reichert gave his State of the Community address, but people all over Macon are sharing their thoughts on how they see the city developing.

Yoshanda Bonner is happy the city is listening to her community and tearing down blighted homes in South Macon. “I think we're headed in a good direction as long as we keep doing what we're doing,” said Bonner. “It's a good thing that they've torn down the houses here. It'll give the kids something positive to do.”

And in Downtown Macon, Wes Griffith says business is booming. “It's been a great last three or four years,” said Griffith. “I think the consolidation has been good for us.” “It's been fast and furious years. The growth has been exponential. There's new restaurants and businesses opening.”

And across town, Jessica Martin says North Macon is becoming just as busy. “You can see it all around with all the construction and the new buildings coming up,” said Martin.

And even with all the new changes happening around them, these folks say there's still more work to be done. “While we're on a roll here, I'd like all the city leaders to continue to invest in the infrastructure and the streetscapes,” said Griffith.

But in the end, these Maconites say they see a bright future ahead. “It has its areas for improvement and opportunity, but overall, I think it's improving,”said Martin. “I think the state of our community is very promising right now,” said Griffith.

Maconites say they're also looking forward to having a permanent solution for parking downtown.