Hundreds of book lovers came out to Central City Park for the last day of Macon's Old Book Sale.

Friends of the Library put on the event to raise money for libraries throughout the county to use on projects.

The chairwoman of the sale, Mary McDonell, says it looks like they raised more than $80,000 during the four-day sale.

McDonell says one of the best parts of the sale was seeing all of the children come out.

“It’s fun looking at kids because as an adult you look at the children’s books and you go, ‘Oh I remember this. I remember doing this when I had children,’ but more importantly to know that children are again reading and enjoying reading that’s one of our goals,” said McDonell.

McDonell says they are planning fun ideas for the 50th Old Book Sale in 2018. She says they are thinking of doing something fun like a hidden golden ticket.