There's a large barn on Highway 80 in Crawford County that may have caught your eye.

Jimmy Hardin can't pass up a vintage piece. He's gathered everything from Coca-Cola jugs to a car.

"It's a 1952 MG," he described.

Stretched over three acres and a couple of buildings, you never know what you'll find.

"It's a fire bucket," he said while holding up a cone-shaped piece. "They were full of sand and all your old mills had them."

The list goes on and on, much like Jimmy's appreciation for his past and his ancestors.

"Well, I grew up with it and I hate to see it go away to the scrap yards," he said. "It's just something in me because my grandmother saved every jar every can."

The 76-year-old's business is only open on Saturdays and it's free to drive in the gate as for the bottles and other memorabilia.

"Oh, yeah, everything is for sale," he said with a smile.

Kind of. Jimmy can't accept money on his property because of county regulations.

"The county wanted me to go from agriculture to commercial and my taxes would double," he explained.

So he ships stuff folks want off to the Big Peach Antique Mall in Byron, but remember sitting around in the barn is free and some folks like to stay for a spell.

"Some people like to sit in this chair in the winter time and don't move year because I'm feeding this heater over here, Jimmy said.

He doesn't mind -- it gives him a chance to talk about his passion, especially when kids walk through the door. "They don't know, they don't have a clue," he said. "And even if I try to explain to them, they still can't understand cooking in a fireplace. I carry them to another shed I've got and I show them the old frying pans."

He's a walking history lesson, content with his myriad of treasures by his side. If you'd like to see the stuff at the Big Peach Antique Mall, ask for Jay Fulcher's booth. Jimmy also has a friend that takes his finds to the Scott Antique Market that happens in Atlanta.