Christopher Tolen said he first heard the gunshots Friday morning near a Monroe County waterproofing business on Klopfer Road.

He then saw deputies chasing a man.

Rather than being a bystander, he jumped in the fray.

The man the deputies were chasing is accused of two shootings in Crawford and Monroe counties. One person was killed.

"The officers and the suspect came around the corner and they tackled him," Tolen said. " ... They called for our assistance to help apprehend him while they called 911. That's when I jumped the fence and got over there and helped hold the suspect down until they got the ambulance here and more deputies showed up."

When asked what he was thinking, Tolen said "nothing."

Lt. Brad Freeman with Monroe County Sheriff's office says shots were fired between three deputies and the suspect in a wooded area near Castro Taxidermy. Freeman says all three deputies are uninjured and so was the suspect who is now in custody.

Sgt. Lawson Bittick of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office says it started after a domestic incident in Crawford County.

The shooting suspect turned up later Friday morning near Bolingbroke in Monroe County.

The names of the suspect and victim have not been released.

<p>The scene of a shooting Friday morning in Monroe County near Bolingbroke.</p>