A Crawford County man who was allegedly ordered by a deputy to cut the head off his dead dog plans to sue the county for at least a half-million dollars.

Joe Nathan Goodwin and his fiance, Tosha Dacon, filed a notice with the county about their plans to sue, according to his lawyer, Reza Sedghi.

In December, Sheriff Lewis Walker told 13WMAZ that the case stemmed from a Dec. 1 dog bite and shooting on Wellington Drive.

According to Walker, the dog -- a pitbull mix named Big Boy -- bit a woman in the neighborhood, then charged a deputy who came to the scene.

Goodwin, the dog owner, says the investigator ordered him to cut Big Boy's head off so the dog could be tested for rabies.

WMAZ edited the clips of the interaction between Goodwin and the officers to censor the profanity.

He recorded videos of the conversation with Hollis.

Goodwin says investigator James Hollis threatened to take him to jail if he didn't cut off the dog's head.

Sedghi says Tosha Dacon was forced to transport the dead dog's head in a bag to the Crawford County Health Department because Goodwin was too traumatized.

Walker told us that Hollis should not have ordered the man to cut the dog's head off.

He said, as he understands it, his officers should not play any role in investigating whether the dog was rabid. That issue should have been turned over to the county's health department.

A Crawford County deputy shot and killed this dog after it attempted to attack him. The owner then cut the dog's head off so it could be tested for rabies.

Goodwin and Dacon's Dec. 18 notice to the county said they're seeking around $10,000 for "loss of income and medical expenses" plus at least $500,000 for "physical and mental injuries, pain and suffering (and) humiliation"

Sedghi said Goodwin lost his job as a mechanic due to the trauma.

"He was having a really difficult time dealing with it, as anyone might expect," he said. "He couldn't go to work for some time."

Sedghi says he plans to file the actual lawsuit this week or next.

Walker on Tuesday said Hollis remains on leave while they investigate the case and consult with attorneys.

Goodwin's notice says the couple plans to sue Crawford County, the sheriff's office, Walker and Hollis and Deputy Wesley Neesmith, who allegedly shot Big Boy.