One man says he's got the solution for a looming water crisis in South Georgia. His idea is building a dam along the Flint River in Taylor County, creating a reservoir. Some people in the area aren't too happy about the idea.

“This would be like putting a storage bank together that allows water to be in the Flint all of the time,” John McGrew said.

He and his partners came up with the plan for the dam. McGrew says it would create a 392 billion-gallon reservoir that would cover 26,354 acres. That would be about the same size as Lake Oconee or Lake Sinclair. The reservoir would be split between a North Lake and a South Lake. Part of the South Lake would be in Macon County.

McGrew says a plan like this is necessary for the future.

“Otherwise, the Flint’s going to be in very serious water problems over the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years,” McGrew said. “Look back at the last 50 years at drought cycles, water use cycles -- they're lower than they’ve ever been.”

A few people in the area like Jerry Allmon voiced their concerns about how the dam could affect wildlife and their property.

“They want to put it under the guise of helping the Flint River,” Allmon said. “Well there’s no logic behind this, they can make an argument for it, but it’s not there.”

McGrew says he hears their concerns about his idea and says Wednesday's presentation is just the beginning of a possibility.

“This reservoir has to be part of their lives, so their input is very critical of how does this work,” McGrew said.

Allmon says his mind is already made up on the idea and it won’t be changing.

“To put a dam on White Water Creek and flood my land, I’m just purely against that,” Allmon said.

This is just an idea right now, and would need legislative approval to move forward.