A man questioned after the false shooting report last month of a Jackson police officer talked about his ordeal Friday.

Rodreikus Scott, 40, spoke at a news conference in Decatur. He was flanked by attorneys and family.

"It's been tough," Scott said. "They made me take my clothes off in front of my 1-year-old daughter. I felt ashamed. I felt like cattle ... to undress in front of my child ..." he said through tears. "... people point at me saying 'he shot a cop.'"

In September, Jackson police officer Sherry Hall claimed she was shot in the abdomen by a black man. As a result, Rodreikus Scott was questioned by the GBI.

Former Jackson police officer Sherry Hall was arrested Monday on multiple charges.

A GBI investigation later determined Hall in fact shot herself with her department-issued firearm. Authorities said Hall lied about the incident and took her into custody.

Jackson said the morning of the false report, he received a call from the GBI asking to meet with him. The agents met Scott at his grandmother's house.

The agents, Scott said, told him they were going to arrange a lie detector test. He wasn't taken into custody, but he was put under surveillance for several days and his home was searched.

"It's been tough. I'm dealing the best way I can. I'm scared for my life, my family, because I don't know if anyone is behind this with this lady."

Attorney Mawuli Mel Davis said the issue they have is not with the GBI, but with the Jackson Police Department and how it handled the case.

"We want to city of Jackson to come forward and apologize," Davis said.

"I don't know if an apology will help," Scott said. "Maybe it will, maybe it wont. I just want acknowledgment."

Davis said Scott learned through the news that the officer was arrested.

"We talk often about racial reconciliation," Davis said. "Here's an opportunity where Mr. Scott and perhaps other African American men have been accused, signaled out, wrongfully investigated. Here's an opportunity for them (Jackson police) to come forward and apologize.

"We shouldn't only put this in the context that the reason she (Hall) should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law is because of the investigation time," Davis said, "but what was done to him (Scott) and possibly others."