Lonnie Shaw was scheduled to appear in Peach County Superior Court on Wednesday at 9:30a.m., but Shaw and his lawyer filed a waiver of arraignment and will not appear in court.

According to the waiver filed on Oct. 11 from the Peach County Clerk's Office, Shaw agreed to waive "formal arraignment and pleads not guilty on all counts in the indictment."

Victim Advocate Robert Parker with the Peach County District Attorney's Office said no future court dates have been set for Shaw. Parker said the next step in this case will be for the District Attorney and Shaw's attorney to meet and discuss how they will go forward with this case. That date has not been set either.

On May 31, deputies came to Shaw's home at 3 a.m. to ask about his son being shot. They say Shaw opened the door with his gun in his hand and pointed it at them.

Deputy Brandon Williams fired one shot, saying he felt threatened.

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