In the past month, Kenton Bailey, of Kentucky, has walked more than 180 miles.

He started his journey at Tybee Island on August 11, and he plans to walk across the United States to Oceanside, California.

He started this journey to bring awareness to Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a skin disorder that causes painful lumps in the armpits, groin and buttocks.

Doctors diagnosed Bailey with the skin disorder in 2010; he later realized that a few of his friends and family members had the disease.

"The Walk for HS team really want to put out a message to people, it's ok to be embarrassed. It's OK to be afraid, but you really should reach out to your doctor, family or friends and see if this is something that you're dealing with, because if you do have HS, there is a wonderful support of community that'll reach out and give you a hug and connect with you," said Bailey.

He reflected on his nearly 200 mile journey during his pit stop in Macon.

"So far the journey has been great," said Bailey. " The most surprising thing, and honestly not surprising, is that people are super awesome."

He said the idea was planted about five years ago while watching YouTube videos of people walking across America.

"I just thought, I have to do it," said Bailey.

The ultimate purpose for the walk is to get more funding for research, that will eventually lead to a cure.

"They say it's incurable. I don't think that way. We're going to figure something out. Someday. Sometime soon; let's do it," said Bailey.

To track his journey and to see his progress, visit the public Facebook page by clicking here.

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