A year ago, we told you about a new company stepping in to manage the Macon Coliseum and the City Auditorium.

The coliseum’s general manager David Aiello says they came across a lot of problems when they first took over.

“We're making progress each and every day. I mean we can’t get to A-D without stopping at B and C first,” says Aiello.

Spectra began managing the coliseum July of 2016 just after a health inspection that showed rodents in some of the kitchens.

“We took everything out, cleaned everything, power-washed everything to make sure it’s up to code,” says Aiello.

Aiello says along with new appliances they are getting ready to open two more concession stands and spend $60,000 on a system that will allow more efficient sales.

“Take more orders in different locations whether we have portables out in the lobby, and so that means everybody doesn't have to go to concession stands to get an order,” says Aiello.

He says they have also found more efficient ways to hold events during hockey season, and they are working on getting LED lighting. Aiello says the new lighting would save money.

“You'll see a lot less lights, but it'll be brighter in here,” says Aiello.

He says the fiscal year is not over yet, but he says it looks like they are going to save the county about $700,000 this year compared to the $1.7 million deficit last year.

“We're still operating in the red, but I think with further development we could probably get in the black, which is where we want to be,” says Bibb commissioner Larry Schlesinger.

Schlesinger says as a county commissioner and as a Mayhem fan, he is impressed with Spectra's work.

“Really good job in bringing a variety of performances and performers to Macon,” says Schlesinger.

Pamela Reaves says she gone to events at the coliseum for years, and she also noticed a difference.

“The flooring looks nice and the walls are very decorative, and it looks very nice,” says Reaves.

Aiello says this is just the beginning.

“We're coming to work working hard every day. I think each time they come they'll see something different,” says Aiello.

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