It may be hard to believe that it is nearly that time of year again -- time for kids to get ready to go back to school. Many people commented on our Facebook page saying the school year is starting way too early, with some schools starting at the end of the month.

School's out for summer, and normally when you ask a kid about their plans, it sounds a little something like this.

"I had went to my grandma's house in Florida, and I had went to Whitewaters in Six Flags,” recalls Hannah Brite.

As some schools in Central Georgia are starting on July 31st, many parents on our Facebook page say that summer breaks are ending to early compared to when they were in school..

"I remember when I was a kid, I got at least 2 and a half months out. I remember us starting in like the middle of August -- it would be like the 20th or the 19th or something like that,” says Sharon Guilford, while other parents remember going back to school even later.

"I didn't go back until like September, so I had all kinds of time in the summer. By the time school started again, I was ready to go back. My kids don't want to go back already,” says Jessica Robinette.

She was one of those people who commented on our post. Robinette has two kids. One child is 7 years old and the other is 16 years old. She says her youngest goes back to school on August 1st.

"It's too soon. They don't have enough time to play, do what they want to do for the summer. They just got out and they're already back,” says Robinettte.

Then there are those who suggest students are now getting too many days off to celebrate holidays.

"I only got like maybe 2 or 3 days for Easter and maybe 4 for spring break, so maybe if they cut out some of them, the kids wouldn't have to go back so early,” explains Guilford.

With the start dates being so soon, some parents say it does not leave them enough time to shop for school supplies.

"You don't have time to get it all together, to get everything they need. The list gets longer and longer every year,” says Robinette.

Though the list gets longer, many parents just hope the school start date does not creep sooner and sooner each year.

Students in Bibb schools return on August 1 and Houston County goes back August 2. The Houston County Board of Education says several things are considered when making the school calendar including test dates and making sure there are 180 required days for school and holidays. They say over the past decade, their start date has not moved more than a couple of days.

Macon-Bibb County Board of Education says they did an online survey last year asking if people wanted shorter school breaks in exchange for a later start date. Most voted no.