It's time to make your picks for March Madness. But filling out a bracket for your NCAA college basketball picks may be a difficult task, especially if you don't know how to do. Marvin James offers some advice in Bracketology 101.

"I fill out a bracket every year," Erik Libeig said.

"I do just for the fun of it," Will McCurry said.

"I watch the games but I don't take time to fill out a bracket," Anthony Smith said.

"Typically I fill out like 4 or 5 brackets just between the different pools that I'm in with buddies and things like that," Tyler Burch said.

It's that time of the year again... March Madness.

According to ESPN more than 40,000,000 people made 70,000,000 brackets last year. But a mathemetician says your chances of getting a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion.

That's a lot, but it certainly doesn't stop people from trying.

"I fill out a bracket with the stats and then I fill out a bracket of what my gut feeling is," Libeig said.

"I just kind of blindly pick upsets because there are always upsets," McCurry said.

"I follow college basketball a little bit so for me I've been watching throughout the year and I think I have a good indication of hopefully how teams are gonna do," Burch said.

But what's most important about filling out a tournament bracket? Marvin James weighs in.

"It's pretty simple," James said. "Just go to, check out the brackets and then it's as easy as clicking on the teams you choose to win. Here's the thing about March Madness, on paper 11 is supposed to beat 6 but the game is not played on paper, it's played in arenas so you want to make sure you take a look at any upsets you think might happen. So you may want to go a 5 over a 12. There are plenty of opportunities for you to make a winning bracket."

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