Five Mary Persons High School football players crashed into a Forsyth City Cemetery gravestone, but a Forsyth police officer left it up to the school's football coach to punish them. That is according to Forsyth Police Chief Eddie Harris.

Rita Hearn lives just in front of the cemetery, and she says it is not uncommon to see cars speeding past her house.

“There’s a lot of traffic that goes down this road in the afternoon going to the school,” says Rita.

But on October 20th, she says two cars caught her eye.

“They started fishtailing back and forth and that’s when they hit,” says Rita.

Her husband, Gary Hearn, took me to where they say one of the cars hit a gravestone.

“Came through there and knocked this here over. It was sitting here in this square right here. It was turned up and facing this way,” says Gary.

Harris would not go on camera, but he says inside the two cars were five Mary Persons football players. He says he does not know if they were going to or from the stadium, but Gary says he often sees football players on New Memorial Drive.

“They go down there every time they have a game. They just pile in here all afternoon,” says Gary.

Harris says Sergeant David Asbell told the students he would leave the punishment up to their coaches.

We spoke with the Monroe County Board of Education Spokesperson, Jackson Daniel. He says he does not know how the school is handling this, but he says even if he did they cannot discuss student discipline.

We also reached out to Mary Persons principal and the head football coach but did not hear back.

Rita says she understand handing the punishment off to the coaches since this is the first time this has happened.

“If we had been there, [it’s] very possible we could've been hit,” says Rita.

Rita says she hopes the coaches do something about it.

Chief Harris did not release an incident report on the case or the names of the students involved.