It is official -- the Macon Mayhem are going to the President's Cup Championship. The shirts are already being prepared for their potential win.

The Apparel Authority on Bethlea Avenue says they are starting to print the Mayhem Championship shirts early next week but they are already taking orders. One of the store owners says they have been planning this for about a month and they are very excited that the team is taking it all the way.

"The t-shirt, we have a graphics artist in house and they threw some ideas as us. We came up with the design, went back and forth a few times and came up with the final product. It's a point of pride for us to have been partners with the Mayhem and it's been great just a great group of guys,” says co-owner David Barwick.

The owner says the shirts will be $20 each. He says they can be purchased at the Mayhem office.