The Macon Mayhem made hockey history on Sunday.

Never trailing to the Peoria Rivermen, the boys took home the President's Cup.

Madison Cavalchire has more from fans on what this championship title means to them and for Macon.

The crowd is always loud when the home team's winning, but these boys aren't fair-weather fans.

"I think it's something that we can all just celebrate," Nick Case said. "The fact that Macon has something we can be proud of."

"For them being the first team that Macon's ever had to win just a regular season championship, if they can win this one, it will mean so much more to Macon and put Macon even more on the map," Dalton Blount said.

Never trailing behind the Peoria Rivermen, the Mayhem took the President's Cup and won two to one.

"These guys, they're not making millions to be here, contract fighting, you know holding out," said Greg Blount. "They're here because they want to be here, because they want to play the game."

Blount never thought this cold-weather sport would succeed down south, but he's hoping this win means the team is here to stay.

"The way they interact with the fans after the games, you see them in public, they're good people," Blount said. "There's never a negative with them, never."

"I think the benefit of winning is bringing a championship to a town that's never had one, and also it will bring more fans in," said Steve Lebarre.

Win or lose, these fans say:

"I'm always going to be proud of where I came from, and I'm never going to leave," Dalton Blount said.