Bibb commission went into full commission to discuss the design for the senior citizens center.

About 20 seniors showed up for the discussion. Commissioner Elaine Lucas says, "We don't want folks to misunderstand our commitment or think for a minute we are not all in."

They voted on a plan at last week's meeting, but now they want to meet the accommodations that seniors want.

The discussion included a representative from the company that provides meals and transportation for seniors through the current center on Adams Street. While separate from the senior center, the company signed a contract with the county through June of 2017.

Mayor Robert Reichert says it would be 15-18 months before seniors could go into the center

One senior says there are seniors that can't go across town to programs that might be going on that gives them information on things they need.

Reichert says the budget that was set was done years ago and $2 million was set aside for senior center and a new recreation head quarters.

"They felt like it was a good faith estimate. We find ourselves temporarily constrained by that budget."

He says they could add to the center through the new SPLOST because it will take the new SPLOST to add money to this project.

Many seniors have been vocal about their frustrations about how the county is handling the planning for the new center.