The issue of allowing alcohol in Rosa Parks Square got pushed back another week.

However, most of the Bibb commissioners came to agreement on what they want to see done, so the county attorney is drafting a new ordinance and a resolution.

Next Wednesday, the county could vote on a resolution to create a green space on Poplar Street where people could get permits to hold events with alcohol.

In the meantime, Mayor Robert Reichert says they will continue to allow events in Rosa Parks Square, but he says he just will not approve any alcohol permits there.

Reichert says there are other places people can hold these events.

“The last street party that was a part of the Cherry Blossom Festival, there was alcohol in the streets, but yet Rosa Parks was fenced off and the crowd didn’t go into Rosa Parks. It went down Poplar Street and down First Street both ways,” says Reichert.

Some commissioners discussed naming the new Poplar Street park after Gregg Allman, but they did not take a vote.