Education plus graduation equals success. That's the message that Beulahland Bible Church is sending students in Central Georgia. Monday, their men's ministry chose to inspire students in a showstopping way.
Yvonne Thomas has more on the red carpet surprise at Ballard-Hudson Middle School.

“We got the idea from the Oscars, the Academy Awards that we have every year,” said volunteer Danny Boykin. But this red carpet event isn't to recognize talented actors on the big screen. Instead, It's to encourage talented students in the classroom. “This is not just a one-time event that we do. This is something that they've been doing for over a year,” said Carlos Kelly, Pastor of Beulahland Bible Church.

Since 2016, The Men of Beulahland Bible Church rolled out the red carpet for 21 schools across Central Georgia. Danny Boykin is a regular volunteer. “When I was young in Elementary School, I was a slow reader. I liked to play around and have fun,” said Boykin. Now, Boykin wants to do for others what someone did for him. “Someone took me aside and took time with me and made me realize, 'Don't mess up this opportunity to get an education. It's important. It's life-changing.'”

The red carpet idea that you can be a superstar scholar is something that Khia Purdy says she's working toward. “It was fun,” said Purdy. “It made me feel like that really care about us. I like to learn because the more you learn the better your life can be.”

The red carpet is just a reminder that for many, the road to success starts by succeeding in the classroom.

This isn't the only time students at Ballard Hudson will get the superstar treatment. The Men of Beulahland have agreed to mentor students throughout the school year.