Summer is starting to wind down and heading back to school is right around the corner.

We know finding a job can be difficult, and finding a job while in school can even seem overwhelming.

Nicole Butler went to Mercer to see how they are making this stressful process much easier with the click of a button.

While keeping Mercer's University Center clean, Hana Hollis remembers the struggle of using Bear Links, the university's old program that helped students find jobs.

"And it was just much easier to come to one of the resource fairs or come straight to the University Center or one of the offices on campus and ask rather than try to navigate the website," Hollis says.

She says the old program was not only hard to navigate, but it showed you options that didn't even have job openings available.

Hollis says finding any job or internships off campus has been a nightmare.

"I initially had something set up at the beginning of the summer but it fell through, and I just now found another internship possibility while searching all summer. If you don't have personal connections, it's almost impossible," Hollis says.

So Mercer just launched a new platform that will bring those connections to their students fingertips. It's called Handshake.

In under six weeks of Mercer's launch, 800 jobs are now available to students, ranging from part-time to internships to even full-time positions for those who have graduated like Namdi Onyekwuluje.

All you have to do is login and type in the type of job you're interested in and Handshake will do the rest.

"You get this long list of employers who are all looking for college graduates to come in and help out and so that was something that was interesting to me and helped out a lot and landed me an interview that I had just this past month," Onyekwuluje says.

Onyekwuluje says that the best part is that Handshake is easy to navigate, comparing it to Facebook.

And it's not only local jobs like those at Robins Air Force that are available -- Google, Amazon, and Coca-Cola are all businesses connected with Mercer students.

Mercer employees say their goal is for students to use this platform to boost them into the job of their dreams.

According to the office of student financial planning, over 1400 Mercer students currently have part-time jobs.

Mercer is excited to see that even upcoming freshmen are already taking advantage of Handshake's opportunities.