Mercer University is spearheading a Health Fair for the Hispanic community in Macon Saturday.

Several Spanish classes at Mercer have spent the last few years doing research to figure out what the Hispanic community needed. Many said they needed Spanish speaking health care help, so starting Saturday morning at Saint Peter Claver Church dozens of different companies and will be there to help out in the people's native language. Doctor Jose Pino, from the university, says the Hispanic community is under represented here in Macon when it comes to health care.

"Since the Hispanic population is growing a lot, we need more representation, more people that can help because that affects the whole community. In some institutions they don't have bilingual personnel and that's also a problem,” says Dr. Pino.

Many of the students that helped to work on this project are in pre-med. They said working in Honduras helped prepare them for this project.

"So we're working to bring the impact that we made over there back in to this community, so there are things being done to try and fix the need and see it from as many points of views as possible,” says student Zayna Alhusein.

Next, those Mercer students will be doing a project where they are researching the health care providers instead of the patients.