For many people in Central Georgia, knowing where their next meal will come from is a daily problem, but the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank has a new addition that will help.

Thursday, they unveiled the expansion of their freezer. The new 4,200 square foot freezer will more than double their cold storage capacity. It was made possible after the Food Bank got a grant of about $890,000 from the Peyton Anderson Foundation and the Georgia Food Bank Association. The CEO of the Food Bank, Douglas Rohme, says this much bigger freezer will help in so many ways.

“We need to connect the dots to get more food, especially more nutritious foods, out there to people, so this will give us an opportunity to do that. It will allow us to feed kids in the summer with fruits and vegetables, and maybe let them try fruits for the first time that they haven't had,” says Rohme.

Last year, the Food Bank distributed 7.8 million pounds of food. They say 1 in 5 Georgia households are considered "food insecure."