You've probably heard of a Touch-a-Truck event, but what about Touch-a-Plane? The Middle Georgia Regional Airport is hosting their first open house for kids and families to do just that. Yvonne Thomas went to the airport to find out why this new idea is taking flight.

“We want people to come out. We want people to see what's going on out here,” said Erick D’Leon, The Middle Georgia Regional Airport Manager.

From the outside looking in, The Middle Georgia Regional Airport seems quiet, but there's folks behind the scene working to keep hundreds of planes high in the sky. “Aviation is massive. Just here on this airport, we provide about a thousand jobs that are aviation-related,” D’Leon.

So the airport staff is taking the community under their wing to show what it's like in their airspace.
This Saturday, they're hosting a free open house event. “It's just like a Touch-a-Truck, only with airplanes, and we think that adds a little something to it,” said D’Leon.

This is the first ever open house for the Middle Georgia Regional Airport. Staff members say it’s a way for people to take a step behind the scenes and see aviation in Central Georgia. “We don't very often get a chance to talk to the general public and share this with the kids, which is the most enjoyable part for us. You know, just to open up the gates and see the kids walk around the airplanes and see the fascination of what they pick up and what there is to offer in aviation,” said D’Leon.

There will also be demonstrations from the Airport Fire Department and the Macon-Bibb Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit. “We want to share that with everyone,” said D’Leon. “We want show people what they do. We appreciate all that they do.”

Along with the fun and games. The staff is hoping that you'll learn something you didn't know before. The open house is free. Events start this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.