Middle Georgia State University is trying to make its Macon campus safer for students to get around.

On Tuesday, Bibb commissioners could enter into an agreement with the school to use SPLOST funds to make pedestrian safety improvements.

Charles Lentz is a student at Middle Georgia State University and he says sometimes getting to class can be a struggle.

“The speed limit is 35 mph, but they don’t really pay attention to it most of the time, so there are times when you'll be halfway through the road and somebody comes flying up,” said Lentz.

Lentz lives in the university apartments across the street, but he says even though he lives right next to campus, it is not always easy to get there.

“Wondering if I was going to be flipping through the air as they slammed into me and wondering if I was going to make it to class,” said Lentz.

He says he has almost been hit by a car several times because cars come flying down Ivey Drive -- the road that separates the apartments and the campus.

“Very rarely do we have no traffic on the road. There’s usually always somebody coming through,” said Lentz.

That is why he says he was happy the school is trying to do something about it.

“We have 300 students who are making the pilgrimage from the apartments to the campus every single day,” said MGSU Chief of Staff Albert Abrams.

Abrams says they are expecting that number to double in the next few years, so he says they want to put in traffic calming devices -- like speed bumps -- and add lights to the crosswalk.

Abrams says the changes could help more than just students.

“People in Macon use our campus as a walking trail -- a lot of people -- and I see them every morning walking along Ivey Drive. It really makes me nervous so that is a concern,” said Abrams.

Lentz says the renovations would make him feel safer.

“It would cause people to have to slow down or mess up their vehicle,” said Lentz.

Abrams says they are also looking at a second phase of improvements that would include building a second apartment complex for students.