Saturday was the finale of the Mill Hill East Macon Arts Village celebration -- a three-day series of events that engages kids and adults in art related activities.

Our Nicole Butler went out to join in all of the fun and speak with neighbors about how these events help keep the 'art' in smart.

"This was a big booster in my morale," said Kenneth McCrely, a resident.

But he wasn't always pleased with the Mill Hill: East Macon Arts Village coming into the neighborhood.

"As time went by, there were rumors that everyone would be leaving from over here. But once I inquired from the folks what they were doing, what's going on, I felt at ease after a while," said McCrely.

Now, he couldn't be happier with the amount of effort the organization has put in to his neighborhood. 

Not having any form of transportation, McCrely says he looks forward to events like the STE(A)M truck extravaganza being so close to home.

People enjoyed fun activities while learning about science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. 

Some of these events included: animal cell operation, stencil graffiti, and even a laser cutter.

J.R. Olive, the project director for the Mill Hill East Macon Arts Village, says these events are not just about having a good time on the weekend.

"We're using the STE(A)M Trucks to get kids excited and out and then we are sneaking in our own information gathering techniques to sort of see what they want in the auditorium, in the park, and then see what their dream is for the neighborhood," said Olive. 

Olive says they've been collecting not just the adults feedback, but the children's as well.

"It's really great to bring them in because their ideas, you know, by the time these changes come around their ideas are going to be the ones this neighborhood reflects," Olive said. 

He says neighborhoods like this one have been forgotten previously, but he hopes with this new bond they are creating with the neighborhood that east Macon can bounce back.

Olive says one of the things most kids want to change is rehabbing the park down the street.

They're looking into putting in a new soccer field the kids can enjoy.