A Milledgeville family says they’re desperate for answers after 33-year-old Lamarcus Jones was shot to death inside an apartment early Friday morning.

The Jones family had trouble finding the words describing their loved one, Lamarcus Jones.

He was shot to death early Friday morning at Cedaridge apartments off Frank Bone Road.

Jones’s sister, Yolanda Tipton, says her brother didn’t deserve this.

“He’s just an all around good guy," Tipton said. "Like this right here is just unreal. It’s heartbreaking, it’s devastating.”

Captain Brad King with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office says evidence shows two people attempted to break into the apartment Jones was staying in.

King says the two allegedly shot through a sliding glass door, striking both Jones and Reginald Harris, who was also inside the apartment.

Jones’s aunt says he told her that he and Harris were shot at on Friday, December 1st.

Then just a week later, Jones was shot and killed, and Harris was injured.

King says this is a lead they’re taking into consideration in this investigation.

“We’re still doing our victimology, trying to find out if they had any problems in the past or anything we can document lately," King said. "And then at that time we should be able to, or at least attempt to, establish some kind of timeline with some problems, if they had any, with somebody else.”

King says they’ve conducted numerous interviews but still have a long way to go in solving this case.

The Jones family asks that anyone with information come forward so justice can be served for Lamarcus Jones.

“I will not stop – I’m gonna let you know, whoever did it if you’re looking, if you’re watching, I will not stop until I find justice for my brother," Tipton said.

Captain King says since the shooting, Reginald Harris was arrested for possession of three different drugs: marijuana, crack, and powder cocaine, with intent to distribute.

He says investigators found those drugs while investigating Friday's shooting.

However, he says they don't know whether the shooting was connected to the drugs at all.

The Jones family has set up a PayPal account, accepting donations to help with Lamarcus' funeral costs.