The city of Milledgeville has received a grant to replace some of the area sewer lines. We know the city has had problems with their water in the past, but are the sewer lines a problem, too?

$678,277 is how much money is going toward replacing some sewer lines in Milledgeville.

Milledgeville Mayor Gary Thrower says the city was awarded a state grant state, thanks to city councilwoman Jeanette Walden. Some of her district is receiving new sewer lines.

"That's probably one of the more dated districts in the community and it was time to start replacing some of those lines," Thrower said.

Thrower says this grant benefits the 118 residents who live between Cline Avenue and Oak Avenue, in the southern portion of the county.

Some neighbors say crews have cut straight up their yards to replace the lines, and they say although it's been inconvenient, they're happy to have new sewer lines.

If replacing these sewer lines helps the city so much, some may ask why officials aren't doing that with the water lines, too.

"The breaks that we've had have been so random that it's very difficult to just go replace a section of pipe, not knowing if you have a problem," Thrower said. "You may create a problem where you don't need one."

That's why Thrower says the city is in the process of designing a new water treatment plant. The $25-30 million project will replace their current plant.

"We're trying to measure twice, cut once to make sure that the plant we design, the plant that we put in place, is going to carry this community forward for the next 35-40 years."