The Milledgeville Police Department has added a new team member, but this guy is a lot furrier than a typical new officer.

Meet Falco, the Milledgeville Police Department's newest K-9 Officer.

He's joining M.P.D.'s Specialized Patrol Unit, and his first assignment with his new team was visiting Midway Elementary School in Milledgeville for Career Day.

Falco's K-9 Officer Linc Boyer says this is his first time working with a K-9, but since he got Falco in July, they had an instant connection.

"As soon as I got him, I mean, it was like within a couple days, it was like I've had him since I was little," Boyer said.

Boyer and Falco are two peas in a pod. They do everything together.

"He's with me pretty much 24-7," Boyer said. "When I come to work, he's with me, when I'm at the house, he's with me. I mean, there's probably only been about 2 days since I got him in July that we haven't been around each other."

For the last 3 months Falco and Boyer have been in K-9 training.

"He's trained in narcotics, article search and tracking," Boyer said.

Boyer says not only will Falco be working with the specialized patrol unit in the community, but he'll assist in duties like missing person searches, armed robberies, narcotics investigations and more.

"What I'll do besides come to schools and stuff is assist with patrol," Boyer said. "If we have a missing person or they have somebody run, or need a vehicle search, that kind of thing, I'll be there to aid them with that."

But having Falco and Boyer on board will bring more smiles to people's faces like the kids at Midway.

With the addition of Falco, this brings the Specialized Patrol Unit to a full staff of five officers and one K-9.