Most weekends you can find Donnie "D-Boy" Cannie on a stage rapping for his fans, but this weekend D-Boy is taking a break from free-styling to serve food to veterans.

Nicole Butler met up with the rapper to see how he's preparing for the event.

D-Boy is having a beef with veterans... hamburger beef that is.

He says one of his friends is a marine whose stories inspired him.

"He was telling me stories of how he used to have to dig holes and sleep in ditches so I appriciate all of that you know? For us," D-Boy says.

On Saturday... D-Boy will be serving up some juicy burgers for veterans at Milledgeville's War Veteran Home.

He says he get the idea after looking for a new way to bring the community together.

"You know I was thinking I'm always doing something for kids so I was like who else can I help and I was like the veterans they put their lives on the line for us. So why not go out and show them a good time and cook them some good food. Real hamburgers that I made up myself not out of the box. They deserve real beef." D-Boy says.

D-Boy says Milledgeville has seen too many tragedies in the past couple years with gang violence and drive by shootings.

So his goal is to spread love to the veterans that he says hold a special place in his heart.

"Oh man they mean the world to me! They are the reason why we can be called America the free country you know? So what they do for us is just unbelievable you know someone to sit there and go to war for you while you sit at home watching TV and cooking on the grill they are out there fighting," D-Boy says.

And to let those men and women know their actions will never be forgotten... they fought so we could live in peace.

D-Boy says he would love for lots of volunteers to come out and help.

The event starts at 11AM tomorrow at the War Veterans Home on Vinson Hwy out in Milledgeville.