A lot of folks like to collect stuff, but rarely does a hobby cause folks to turn their heads along a major Georgia highway.

That's not the case at Anytime Salon in Baldwin County where customers commonly get a chuckle with every wash.

Francis Rewis was hesitant to give up the goods on the woman who curls her hair.

"I never tell on my hair dresser," said Rewis.

It's not telling when the secret is right out there in the open for the world to see.

Linda McBride doesn't need to advertise her services.

Her regulars keep her pretty busy.

"I could retire. I'm 68. I could retire, [but] I really don't want to," said McBride..

It might be hard with a giant billboard along Highway 22.

Outside her humble shop sits a giant chicken.

It's so big and colorful folks can't help but scratch out conversation about it.

"I like my chicken," said Linda, "He's actually a rooster but he reminds me of the rooster on the Kelloggs cornflake box and I like that."

She likes a lot of things -- we counted over 50 solar dolls dancing along on the countertop.

"The morning sun gets those and then the evening sun comes in and these go to town over here," said McBride.

"I like the little bobble heads. It made me get some for my house," said Rewis.

"My husband found that at a pawn shop," said McBride,"He fixed it up to where it would light. If the green light is on...I"m at work, I'm open. If it's off, I'm not here."

Throw in a flamingo and a frog, and you get the idea this woman has an odd sense of humor even though she explains everything with a straight face.

"I like all my stuff because it has meaning of some kind," said McBride. "I guess it's just my nature. I don't know. I cut up and carry on a lot, but when I'm working I'm pretty serious."

Here is the link to Pickin Peanuts antique shop in Warwick where Linda told Suzanne she got a few of ther things.