According to the Bank of America, more and more people are using mobile banking.

For that reason, the company is closing several Macon locations due to less people banking at the financial centers.

Nicole Butler spoke with one Mercer student about why he's chooses to bank over the phone.

It's just another busy day for Mercer student Elijah Hawkins.

Settling back into his school routine he says he's always on the go, saying when he's not at his internship, he's at his job.

That makes it hard for him to stop by a bank to deposit his hard earned checks.

So Hawkins turned to his phone using technology to help him track his finances.

"Instead of going to a bank and actually taking the time out of my day to go there and stand in line, it's easy to just take a picture of it, endorse it, and it's deposited right into my account instantly," Hawkins said.

He says mobile banking also helps him be more cautious of his spending.

"It just shows you the total amount of spending for months and breaks it down into categories such as groceries and entertainment," Hawkins said.

According to the Bank of America, Hawkins isn't the only one who has switched over.

23 million people access their accounts on their mobile devices for the convenience -- a 47 percent increase over the past year.

A survey by the Bank of America shows that 75 percent of millennials, 47 percent of baby boomers and 40 percent of seniors use mobile banking.

With less and less people using their financial centers, Bank of America says they are consolidating their branches that are close together.

The following three Macon locations will be closing on November 14:

3920 Pio Nono Avenue

4040 Vineville Avenue

2720 Riverside Drive

But Bank of America says customers can access their accounts at any of their branches that are remaining open, so they are hoping for a smooth transition.