Drivers dread seeing the blue lights in the rearview mirror because it usually means they’re about to get a ticket.

But those feelings of dread quickly subsided Tuesday when Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies handed out $100 bills to drivers instead of tickets as part of their Secret Santa mission.

It was all possible thanks to two anonymous donors who gave the sheriff’s office almost $7.500, according to Sgt. Lawson Bittick.

For some drivers, the surprise gift was a blessing.

Chelsea Williams, a new mom, said the $100 would help her pay for baby expenses.

Others planned to use the money on gifts.

"Oh yeah, it'll help me buy my mom something," said Tyler Skelton.

And for some, it was a bright spot in a rough time.

"Everything is going so wrong this year and...[to get this gift] from the Monroe County Sheriff's Department (sic), I appreciate you so much," said Barbara Gastor.

The goal of the program is to build relationships between law enforcement personnel and the public and to spread holiday cheer.

Judging from all the smiles, it worked.

They also ask that people remember that normal law enforcement is still going on and they shouldn’t expect a $100 bill if they’re breaking the law.