A grand jury indicted a Monroe County deputy for inappropriate use of force.

Sergeant William Jackson responded to a call back in July of 2016 regarding Micka Martin and her husband. They were traveling through Monroe County, when her husband called police for her irate behavior due to alcohol.

Jackson arrested Martin after he found marijuana in her bags.

Police say Martin attempted to head butt and spit at Jackson at the jail. Jackson then struck Martin multiple times while handcuffed. The grand jury felt that was an unauthorized use of excessive force.

It was discovered by the sheriff's office back in September after reviewing video.

There was an internal investigation, resulting in Jackson being placed on administrative leave.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation also began investigating, and turned the case over the district attorney's office in January. The case was then presented to the grand jury.

Jackson's charges are simple battery, battery and violation of the oath of office by a public officer.

Jackson has no history of any prior complaints regarding use of force and no prior disciplinary action during his 14 years with the sheriff's office.