Twelve-year-old Christian Burdette died in the water before rescuers could reach him. His seventeen-year-old brother James survived, thanks to a daring helicopter rescue.

The Monroe County EMA Facebook page's live stream captured it all as rescuers lifted James out of the water.

In a live rescue operation, anything can happen. But Captain Shane Cook of Monroe County Emergency Services said showing the operation on Facebook was worth the risk.

"The pros of that would have outweighed the cons," said Cook.

He said Monroe is a special place to live.

"We are a smaller community, we're a tight-knit community, and everybody knows everybody and everybody's related to somebody somehow."

The live stream helped that community understand what was happening.

"It just allowed for everyone to share in the good part of that story," said Cook, "And that was a rescue was effective, and we're glad that it turned out the way it did."

By Friday, the video of the rescue had been viewed 41,000 times.

A life was saved, and thousands got to see it happen.