Mr. Timothy Wiggs, a Monroe County teacher, may not be in his classroom anymore, but students and teachers say they won't forget him.

Friday night, they released balloons in his memory.

Kasandra Ortiz went to the event to find out more about the beloved teacher.

Dozens of green balloons were prepared especially for teacher Timothy Wiggs.

"Mr. Wiggs came to this district and he had a purpose, and his purpose was to educate students and do it in a special way, and he completed his task," said Monroe County Middle Principal Efrem Yarber.

The sixth grade science teacher passed away October 22nd after a short time in the hospital and his students wanted a way to remember him, so what better way than to release balloons in his favorite color on homecoming?

Principal Yarber says it helps some students grieve.

"Just being able to say, 'Mr. Wiggs, we appreciate everything that you've done.' He was so important to us and this district. It gives them a voice to release a balloon in his honor today. I think that will help many children out who don't express it through crying or voicing their opinion to a counselor," said Yarber.

The teachers say it's also a tough time for them, but they know Mr. Wiggs would've wanted it to be all about the children.

"We really wanted the students to have a way to cope with him and honor him and to appreciate his legacy," said teacher Georgia Dibbins.

And they did appreciate him and his legacy. It's something they say they won't forget, and a part of him that they'll always carry.

Dibbins said, "What we've been telling and what I've been telling myself, too, is the best way to honor him is to be better. Just be a little better every day. Just be your best self and just do for others everything you can."

They say it's what Mr. Wiggs would've wanted.

Mr. Wiggs had been teaching at the middle school for 3 years.

His funeral will be Saturday.