Six people are running for an open seat on the Monroe County commission.

The vacancy happened after commissioner Jim Ham died in an accident late last year.

All six candidates spoke about the main issue they want to focus on if they win the seat.

"The biggest issue I want to focus on is the commissioners reaching across district lines and working with one another to solve all of the issues of Monroe County regardless of what the districts specific issues are," John Martin says.

Chris Ham also wants to focus on lines, but the ones between Bibb and Monroe County instead.

"The county line is a huge issue between us and Bibb County. We'd like to get it settled and get all of that behind us so we can grow in that area," he says.

Jimmy Jones also wants growth, but with jobs.

"Right now, you do not have the choice in most cases to stay, and live, and work, and raise a family here. I want to have that opportunity for my family, as well as, anyone else who chose to do so," Jones says.

And Earl Jackson says he wants you to feel like he is a part of yours, coming to him with even the smallest of problems.

"It may just be a little tiny issue when you get into the chambers, but for a person, it may keep them awake at night, and I want to make sure that issue, I'll come to your house sit at your kitchen table and we will drink a cup of coffee and talk about that issue," he says.

Eddie Rowland says his biggest issue is the Monroe County Hospital. He's just waiting on March 21st to get some direction.

"And whatever they decide I will pursue it as hard as I can to provide health care for our citizens," says Rowland.

But Jay Patterson says his biggest issue is economic growth which will help protect core services such as the police and fire department along with EMS.

"That's what the government is supposed to provide for the citizen and we've got to have more money coming into the county to pay our people the type of wages that they deserve," Patterson says.

All of these issues are important, and you will have the chance to vote for the District 2 commissioner you like best on March 21st.


Candidate Profiles:

Jimmy L. Jones

Occupation: VP of Cooper Craft Communications

Party: Republican


Earl Jackson

Occupation: Owner of Jackson Country Store and BBQ

Party: Republican


Chris Ham

Occupation: Retired from Georgia Power

Party: Republican


John F. Martin

Occupation: Retired train master

Party: Republican


Eddie Rowland

Occupation: Owner of R&R Property Sales and Management

Party: Republican


Jay Patterson

Occupation: Attorney

Party: Republican