According to the National Funeral Directors, more people are opting for cremation than traditional funeral services.

Gabrielle Dawkins took a trip to Hill Industrial Boulevard to see the possible crematory that could be coming to town.

"A lot of people just doesn't have the money to pay for a full-fledged funeral," says Robert Daniels, the owner of Daniels Removal and Transport Services.

He says cremations offer a cheaper solution.

"Cremations can start off from anywhere from $650 and go up," says Daniels.

His wife, Jade Daniels, agrees. When her 28-year-old nephew passed away, she said that cremation was the only reasonable option.

"If it had not been for cremation as an option, he might be still sitting in a morgue," says Daniels.

Price and preference are the two main reasons why people are choosing cremations over the typical burial.

"For us there was no option. If I could have paid for him a $10,000 funeral, because deep down inside, that's what I knew he wanted, then that's what he would have got, but we couldn't," says Daniels.

The company is pending approval for the new crematory, The Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning commission will meet and vote on January 8th.