We are taking a closer look at car break-ins in Monroe County. The Sheriff's Office there is warning people in the area to keep a close eye on their cars. That is because they say there has been an increase in break-ins.

Drivers often assume when they leave their car some place, their belongings inside will be safe, especially at a park like the Monroe County Recreation Complex.

"I knew it could happen, but it definitely made me think about having my windows down,” says park-goer Marshall Thompson.

Lieutenant Brad Freeman, with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, says thieves are targeting areas like the complex. With the park getting more crowded as summertime sports start, thieves have hundreds of cars to choose from.

"So keep an eye on it when you can and if you can't keep an eye on it, keep your windows up and doors locked,” says Thompson.

But Lieutenant Freeman says there have been at least seven car break-ins there over the last month.

"It can be seen as you travel down the interstate. There are literally hundreds of automobiles there at a time. Most everyone that is there is there to do something associated with their child -- watch their child play ball, practice something like that -- so they're away from their car for long periods of time,” says Freeman.

He says there are some things you can do to keep your items safe.

"The obvious things to do if I didn't need it and was going to be away from the car for an extended period of time would be to lock it in the trunk, in the very least, even if you leave it in the front, put something over it so no one can see it,” explains Freeman, steps that may cost a few extra seconds but save a lot of time and money in the long run.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office posted a picture to their Facebook page of a woman in Maryland trying to use a credit card stolen from the complex in Monroe County.

Remember, if your wallet is stolen, call police and report the theft to your bank so they cancel your cards.