This February, a woman took a Greyhound bus from Jacksonville, Florida to Macon for what she thought was an artist job.

The same man that bought her ticket to come to Macon, Najiy Williams, allegedly put the woman's picture on an advertisement on and told her to respond to sexual solicitations by phone. That's according to Williams' arrest warrants from the Bibb County Magistrate Court.

“A lot of times when we do a proactive detail, we're answering ads that are on Backpage,” says Lieutenant Michael J Kenirey investigates these cases for the Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

He says they often find pimps using in human trafficking cases.

Kenirey says he does not want to discuss the case involving Williams' trafficking arrest, but he says they have come across cases that are similar.

“We have had cases that have come out of, you call them sting operations, but yeah, they're online. They're operations to target the online advertisement of prostitution,” says Kenirey.

13WMAZ’s Mary Grace Shaw spoke to employees at the Greyhound bus station in Macon. They could not give their names because of a corporate policy, but they described a scene they say they see often.

One employee says he sees women get off the bus and come back crying. He says they ask to use the phone to look for help to get a bus home.

He says they often talk about a job that did not turn out to be what they thought, and he says he believes it is about sex trafficking.