Macon-Bibb Parks and Beautification employees cleared out homeless campsites along the Ocmulgee about a week ago.

Some may still be wondering where they've gone. The answer might not surprise you as much as you'd think.

Hundreds of Macon-Bibb's homeless are seeking help.

"Right now I don't have nowhere to stay. I don't think I'm gonna have nowhere to stay no time soon," said Jimmy Scott.

For the moment, Scott is taking shelter at the Macon Salvation Army homeless shelter. He's one of the roughly 100 people staying there right now according to the shelter's director Charles Pope.

"They're here ...because the weather, of course have (sic) gotten colder," said Pope.

That's right. According to Pope, more than anything else it's the cold that's driving homeless people to seek out resources.

Daybreak Director Sister Theresa Sullivan says some of the homeless from the river have relocated to new parts of the city but she agrees that the cold is a big challenge.

"Can you imagine being outside with no shelter," said Sister Sullivan. "With no blanket? And not only does it impact the homeless on how they're feeling. I'm a nurse by trade, look at how many people end up in the ER."

Pope and Sister Sullivan both say the number of homeless people looking for help at their centers is up but that's normal for the cold weather months

For Jimmy Scott, that cold weather is a major concern.

"Yes [I think about the cold weather] a lot because you get sick," said Scott.

And with more chilly weather on the horizon, it's something Scott's going to have to keep worrying about.

If you or someone you know is struggling with homelessness you can call the Macon Salvation Army at 478-746-8572