If you have driven down Macon's interstates recently, you may have noticed pockets of bright lights where LED lighting has been installed.

Tuesday, Bibb County approved a Georgia Department of Transportation plan to add more LED lighting along the I-75 and I-16 interchange.

Lola Rutherford says she spends a lot of time on Macon roads.

“I’m commuting through this area every day,” says Rutherford.

But when the sun goes down, she says the experience behind the wheel is night and day.

“Cars break down. Dark-colored cars like mine, people can’t see them,” says Rutherford.

Rutherford says it is the interstate that scares her the most, but she says having LED lighting in certain parts helps.

“It's really illuminating,” says Rutherford.

She was excited when she found out GDOT is planning to add more led lights along the I-75 and I-16 interchange. She says it could help more than just herself.

“People who don’t know the area, who don't know the lane switching and turning, it just illuminates everything so that they can see the changes and read the signs better. I think it’s going to be a great thing,” says Rutherford.

The Director of Bibb Facilities Management, Rob Ryals, says Rutherford is not alone.

“I feel safer because the lighting is better the lighting is drastically improved,” says Ryals.

Ryals says they received a lot of positive feedback when Bibb County added LED lighting on I-75 South from the Pio Nono exit to Hardeman Avenue, but Ryals says a new six phase plan from the DOT could cover all of the interchange with led lighting.

“All of this corridor the whole interstate system within the county will be drastically improved,” says Ryals, an improvement Rutherford says will make her feel more comfortable on the roads at night.

“I can see someone and someone can see me you know if anything should happen,” says Rutherford.

Kimberly Larson from the DOT says they are still finalizing the plans, but she says right now their plan is to add lights to the Hardeman Avenue, Walnut Bridge and Riverside exits first.