A Jones County family is getting help from many people after they lost everything in a house fire Saturday.

According to the Jones County Department of Fire Rescue, they responded to the fire Saturday around 12:59 p.m. on Southern Walk Circle. When they arrived, they found a single story home engulfed in fire. Jones County Fire Chief, Don Graham, said firefighters from the City of Gray and Jones County helped to put out the fire.

Homeowners Ethan and Courtney Nipper and their two children were not at home when the fire started. Chief Graham said that the fire likely started near the family’s dog house that was near their garage.

Graham says the homeowners say they say there was a heat source type lamp inside the dog house that kept their pet warm on cold nights. Graham says the high winds helped spread the fire to the garage then into the attack space and then the entire house. The home was completely destroyed. No injuries reported.

After the Mayor of Gray, Stephen Tingen, posted their story and a link to their GoFundMe on Facebook the help came pouring in. In just a couple of days the family managed to raise more than $10,000. According to the Mayor’s Facebook page, the post about the family reached more than 11,000 people.

Mayor Tingen says, "Compassion from your neighbors is what makes a small-town community so special. In a small town, we're all neighbors.”

WMAZ reached out to the family. They say an appraiser would be stopping by the burnt home on Monday and that some of their co-workers were helping them Monday night as well, but they did not want to comment on camera.