Changes could be coming to your child's classroom, and it's all thanks to a $500,000 grant from The Peyton Anderson Foundation.

It's part of their "Teach to Inspire" project, which is aimed at providing creative resources to students.

Vineville Academy of the Arts received the most grants and the most money of any school in the county.

Christopher Freeman is an elementary school drama teacher at Vineville Academy for the Arts and applied for a grant that would bring a new lighting system to the auditorium.

"I really wanted to do something that was futuristic, if you will," says Freeman.

Monday morning, his vision became a reality when he learned that he had been awarded nearly $16,000 to help upgrade the school's stage.

"We're also getting a really nice light board that the students will get to use and program work with while we're doing productions," says Freeman.

Freeman is one of 13 teachers at Vineville Academy receiving thousands in grant funding.

Kayla Simpson says her second graders can't always sit still, so she applied for a flexible seating grant.

"We do have active learners who kind of need movement," says Simpson.

Simpson will receive $600 to bring 6 yoga ball seats to her classroom.

"We are really working hard to have the children ready and prepared with 21st century technology," says 5th grade teacher, Leigh Childs.

Childs is focused on making sure her 5th graders are well-versed in science, technology, engineering, art, and math standards, so she requested money for 24 laptops and 6 3D printers.

"We want them to work on coding and other computer-integrated activities where they can create 3D objects based on the 3D printers we supply them," says Childs.

Child's project will receive nearly $10,000 of the nearly $55,000 that Vineville Academy is getting to make improvements that were once just a dream.

"We are really getting a large boost here thanks to the Peyton Anderson Foundation," says Freeman.

According to a press release from the Peyton Anderson Foundation, they received nearly 250 grant requests and were able to fund 112 projects.