A Warner Robins mother is not letting her daughter’s death be the last of her memory.

She's collecting stuffed lambs in her honor to bring comfort to other families.

A little stuffed lamb is all that Kyler Hughes has to remember his big sister Carly, who passed away earlier this year.

“She never walked, or talked, she couldn’t even sit up,” Carly’s mother Heather Hughes said. “She never did anything, but she was so happy.”

Hughes says her daughter was born without some chromosomes, which caused parts of her brain not to form. Doctors didn't expect Carly to live very long after birth, but she survived for five years.

“If God wants her, he'll take her,” Hughes said.

He called her home after more than 2 months at the Children’s Hospital in Macon. During her time there, Carly had a little stuffed lamb her grandmother gave her.

“They had to rotate her every 2 hours, and sometimes, they would put the little lamb between her legs,” Hughes said. “It was just with her all the time. It was like her little comfort, even if she didn’t know it.”

Now she wants other kids at the Children’s Hospital Navicent Health to have that same comfort Carly did.

“To give them a little bit of happiness and joy,” Hughes said. “I’m hoping to get little tags to put on each little one that say 'Carly’s Lambs of Hope' so then they can find her story and read more about her.”

She says her daughter’s life ended too soon, but now her legacy will live on through each lamb they give to others.

“After everything she went through, she is like the strongest person I know,” Hughes said.

If you would like to donate a lamb, you can mail it to:

Carly's Lambs of Hope
204 Harris St
Warner Robins, GA 31093