20-year-old Asia Macklin was found dead in her car Friday after she was missing for nearly a week. Claire Davis talked with her mother, who's still reeling from the loss of her daughter.

Lakesha Hartry says she's still in shock after her 20-year-old daughter Asia Macklin was found dead Friday. “I can’t bring back my daughter, I’m grieving, I’m mourning, said Hartry.

Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Captain Brad King says Macklin was found Friday in her car with a gunshot wound in a remote location off Browns Crossing Road. “I raised my child from a small age to be a very respectful, mindful and meaningful person. I raised her in a Christian way. Not to be a predator, not to be a victim but to be of great courage and walk in faith,” said Hartry.

But King wouldn't say where on her body she was shot or how many times. “I'm greatly concerned there's a predator out there in the community. I want people to be alert and be aware,” said Hartry.

Macklin was a big sister to 7 brothers and sisters. “We knew when she was walking and talking and trying to read before she was 9 months there was something that stood out about that baby,” said Hartry.

As she grew up Hartry says she dabbled in a little of everything and in 2014 she graduated from Baldwin County High School. “Join the band and join groups and participate in different activities to help her grow as an individual and poetry and things of that nature and ROTC,” said Hartry.

Hartry heard about the arrest of Macklin's boyfriend, but she's not making assumptions. She's leaving the investigation to police and at this point, they say the two cases are not linked. “I'm not saying she made history books or high scales but in the hearts of people, she invested,” said Hartry.

Hartry says they are currently making funeral arrangements.