Macon is going Hollywood again. This time, crews are in town to film the upcoming movie about the life of Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding, titled ‘I, Tonya.’ Businesses downtown say filming new movies always brings in new customers.

Some say it's pretty exciting when a new movie comes to town. “I've seen several come and go over the past four years,” said Rookery Manager Michael Dean. “It's been really exciting to see Georgia becoming the East Coast Hollywood.”

The movie 'I, Tonya' is filming at the Macon Centreplex this week. “It's dull sometimes here, so it's good to have celebrities or movies being filmed here,” said Doughboy Manager Donovan James. “It seems like Macon, Atlanta, and Georgia in general is doing a really good job bringing those celebrities in and those movies in.”

And if you run a restaurant in downtown Macon, Rookery Manager Michael Dean says having movies like "I, Tonya" in town for nearly a week is great for his business. “Whether they're from near or far, you see people walking around town trying to catch the sightings that makes people hungry,” said Dean. “The foot traffic is great,” said James. “I love being downtown in a central location because we have a bunch of walk-ins.”

Doughboy Pizza Manager Donovan James says you never know who will walk through those doors. You could even see an actor that's just passing through the city. “Jason Segel from 'How I Met Your Mother' was in here yesterday,” said James. “That's the kind of stuff that's going on and we love it.”

From burgers to pizzas, these managers say the extra buzz is “mmm, mmm good" for the city.

Filming for Central Georgians lasts through this Thursday. If you'd like more information on how to be an extra in the film, visit this link.