Tuesday was the 73rd anniversary of D-Day and on Saturday, the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins shared memories from that historic day.

The 101st reenactment group came to share the story of D-Day, which took place on June 6, 1944.

The group brought magazines from the 1940s, paratrooper supplies, K-rations, and other items used by WWII troopers during that time.

Group member and veteran Dan Wesner says now more than ever is it important to share the history of D-Day.

"The youngest veterans are 90 now and we're losing them, at I think I heard 1,500 a day. It won't be much longer; they'll all be gone, so the living history of it will no longer exist,” said Wesner. “We try to educate people on everything we can about, in this case it's D-Day, but really World War II in general, the state of the nation, the globe. It's the single greatest event in this century that involved the entire world."

The Museum of Aviation also held a model contest where some of the best scale plastic modelers brought their detailed miniature planes and soldiers reenacting battle scenes.