One man is dead after being stabbed at a Montezuma apartment, and another is charged with his murder.

Gabrielle Dawkins tells us why people say Daniel Ford will be sorely missed.

Camille Bielby says on Sunday night, she lost her best friend, Daniel Ford.

"My life will never be the same. He's been right by me with every single death and loss," says Bielby.

"He was a kind, kind, kind man and would do anything for anybody, says Bielby. " I mean, when he pulled up in my driveway, all of these neighborhood kids were following around behind his bicycle."

According to Montezuma Police Chief Eric Finch, on Sunday evening at the Country Village Apartments on Vienna Road, 50-year-old Ford was injured.

"They made contact with Mr. Ford who was barely standing at the time, and he basically told officers that he had been stabbed," says Finch.

37-year-old Aaron McDonald turned himself in at the Montezuma Police Department.

"McDonald was charged with felony murder, malice murder, and aggravated assault." says Finch.

In September, police said McDonald was involved with a fatal shooting.

They said Willie Lester died after the two men struggled over a gun. However, police say McDonald has not been charged in that case.

Bielby was Ford's friend of 30-plus years, and says his death will be tough to get over.

"I just can't imagine all of the lives that Daniel has touched and the people who loved him and his family," says Bielby. "This just won't be easy. It's just hard for everybody what's happened."

As she looks at her yard and her precious camellias, it reminds her of the man who planted the flowers and took good care of them.