This week's top teacher is at Stratford Academy where he originally graduated from in 1987.

His kids say he has them in stitches all day.

Bill Reynolds teaches reading and social studies to fourth graders at Stratford Academy.

Carson Reeves wrote the nomination letter and says Reynolds keeps the classroom fun and goofy.

“He makes me laugh so hard, when he is reading he makes good expressions and makes noises in books like a good teacher should do,” said Reeves.

Mary Cozart agrees with her classmate. She enjoys how Reynolds makes the school day unique.

“Well, he gives everyone nicknames and mine is Red. And that's probably my favorite thing. And, he's very fun with everyone in our class,” Cozart said.

Brooks Garner likes how he uses voices to bring the characters in their books to life. He even has a few favorites.

“Probably the warden in the book Holes and the white witch in Narnia,” said Garner.

For Reynolds, his students are his passion and he's had the best year yet.

“I love this age group and I've got to say this group that's in here right now is my favorite. I'm going to miss them,” said Reynolds.

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