This week’s “My Teacher’s Tops” is Brooke Graham, an eighth grade language arts teacher at Dodge County Middle School.

“I am very, very excited, and I feel honored and it is a huge privilege to be my teacher's tops,” said Graham.

However, for one of her students, Essence Antone, Graham’s teaching goes beyond the words in a book.

“To be a good person and not be a follower be a leader. To listen in class, so I can go to college and be who I want to be,” said Essence.

That is why Essence says she nominated Mrs. Graham.

“We have come to Jesus meetings every Monday, and she always teaches us to care for everyone,” said Essence.

She says those meetings let her know Mrs. Graham is someone she can trust.

“And she always talks to me and she helps me like she's like a mother to me,” said Essence.

Graham says she spends time with the kids talking about life.

“Growing up and making good decisions,” said Graham.

Another student, Diego Avila, says he is also learned a lot from Mrs. Graham.

“Do our very best and like even though we may not always succeed, we can always retry,” said Avila.

Lessons that Graham says she thinks is helping build better futures.

“I treat these like I would want the teacher to treat my children,” said Graham.

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